Tanja Engelberts: Ondertussen (In the mean time), Stroom, The Hague


In Stroom’s project room artists show aspects of the projects that keep them busy. In this case Tanja Engelberts has


been in Wyoming in the United States. She is interested in the creation story of the Crow, a native American


people. In that story the wind blows mud into the air to make land. Engelberts made long walks in the

Tanja Engelberts 04

Wyoming landscape. She also met Grant Bulltail, one of the last story tellers of the Crow. The presentation is sympathetic,

Tanja Engelberts 05

simple and small, but probably too simple and small. It doesn’t add much more to the idea that Engelberts has

Tanja Engelberts 06

been in a far off country, with a strange language and in a landscape dictated by wind and weather.

Tanja Engelberts 07
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Bertus Pieters

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