Remy Jungerman, Crossing the Water, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague


To write a review for Villa La Repubblica about Remy Jungerman’s show Crossing the Water, i visited the Gemeentemuseum yesterday and for an overview of the different works I refer you to the illustrations in that article.


However the details of the works are quite interesting too.

Remy Jungerman 06
Remy Jungerman 07
Remy Jungerman 08

Jungerman was born in Suriname and is living and working in Amsterdam. His works refer to his different cultural roots and their intermingled histories.

Remy Jungerman 09
Remy Jungerman 10
Remy Jungerman 11
Remy Jungerman 12

He applies for instance checkered textiles because they were worn by the Surinamese Maroons as shawls, but he also uses Vlisco-design which is produced in the Netherlands for the African market.

Remy Jungerman 13
Remy Jungerman 14
Remy Jungerman 15
Remy Jungerman 16

The white you see in the panels is kaolin, and further on you may also discover nails, like in Congolese Nkisi dolls, bottles of different alcoholic drinks, like Dutch gin, and small objects, partly coming from Winti, a Surinamese religion which has its roots to an extent in South America and Europe, but mainly in Africa, which makes it a particularly trans-Atlantic religion.

Remy Jungerman 17
Remy Jungerman 18
Remy Jungerman 19
Remy Jungerman 20

Another feature is that Jungerman has embedded his works in a kind of modernist, geometric abstract language.

Remy Jungerman 21
Remy Jungerman 22
Remy Jungerman 23
Remy Jungerman 24

The different works act together very well as one big installation.

Remy Jungerman 25
Remy Jungerman 26
Remy Jungerman 27
Remy Jungerman 28

Their different spiritualities add to each other’s presence. It is a spiritual and enjoyable presentation.

Remy Jungerman 29
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Bertus Pieters