Mark Rothko, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague


In 1988 i turned 30 and i decided to see the great Mark Rothko retrospective in the Museum Ludwig in Cologne


to celebrate my coming of age. I bought a train ticket in advance and the evening before i had a friend


around who brought me a bottle of jenever (Dutch gin) which we bravely emptied for the best part. I only had a


few hours of sleep. On my birthday i decided to skip my breakfast to catch the earliest train to Cologne. I


thought i’d have a nap in the train and a cheese sandwich, but i couldn’t sleep and the sandwich made me


almost sick. So, more dead than alive i arrived in Cologne where i dragged myself straight to the Ludwig and to Rothko.


It was one of the best experiences in my life and i forgot my hangover and the fact that i had come

Mark Rothko 08

of age at last. There were lots of people, but as i remember them, they were all very polite. Sometimes i

Mark Rothko 09

even had the idea i was Moses, they were the Red Sea and the Rothko’s were the Promised Land. That only changed

Mark Rothko 10

when Markus Lüpertz entered the room. Obviously he was the real Moses. I can’t stand Moses ever since. After Rothko i

Mark Rothko 11

saw the rest of the museum which took me quite a few hours. It all made me very hungry and, being

Mark Rothko 12

in Cologne, i expected to have a hearty meal with Schweinefleisch (German pork) in the museum restaurant. But, well, all they had

Mark Rothko 13

on offer was some tasteless pasta with a few shreds of pork (i think they even called it carbonara). To say it

Mark Rothko 14

in post-postmodern language: i problematized the greatness of Rothko related to this ambiguous meal. I took the train back to The

Mark Rothko 15

Hague and got out at Eindhoven as in those days they had an excellent station buffet there where i ate chicken and chips.

Mark Rothko 16

In between Eindhoven and The Hague i slept at last and dreamt about Rothko’s paintings. Late in the evening, back in

Mark Rothko 17

my local pub, i drank the jenever i missed the evening before. Ah, that was Rothko in 1988! Nowadays i don’t

Mark Rothko 18

drink much and today i enjoyed the present Rothko exhibition in the Gemeentemuseum a lot. The presentation is better than the one

Mark Rothko 19

in the Ludwig 26/27 years ago. Except that the other visitors today didn’t behave like the Red Sea and except for the

Mark Rothko 20

combination with Mondrian in the last room. Yes Gemeentemuseum, we KNOW you are THE Mondrian museum in this world. And when

Mark Rothko 21

i saw that ridiculously big frame around Victory Boogie-woogie, i really had the idea the world might look better with a few jenevers.

Mark Rothko 22

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Bertus Pieters

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