Pulsar, by Pim Piët and Anna Mikhailova, Stroom, The Hague


Painter Pim Piët and composer Anna Mikhailova have been cooperating on their Pulsar-project for some years now. In Stroom’s Ondertussen (Meanwhile) series they give an update.

Pulsar 02
Pulsar 03

You can look at and listen to a musical performance and

Pulsar 04
Pulsar 05

there’s a gorgeous book by Piët which could read as a simple musical score. Piët’s style

Pulsar 06
Pulsar 07

– reminiscent of explanatory scientific illustrations of the nineteen seventies – is

Pulsar 08
Pulsar 09

quite lyrical in spite of its minimalistic looks. In his

Pulsar 10

wall painting, integrated in the presentation, the dots could represent the bleeps produced by the pulsars.

Pulsar 11
Pulsar 12

You can also see Piët at work. And generally

Pulsar 13
Pulsar 14
Pulsar 15

there’s a lot of music in the air, or rather

Pulsar 16
Pulsar 17

in the cosmos.

Pulsar 18
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Bertus Pieters

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