Arike Gill, Le Palais de l’électricité, at Stroom, The Hague

Arike Gill 01

In the OpZicht (OnSight) series, Stroom presents newly registered artists in The Hague. This time it’s Arike Gill. She has made

Arike Gill 02

an enormous drawing representing the optimistic atmosphere of the Exposition Universelle of 1900 in Paris. In a sequence from dreamlike colours

Arike Gill 03

to the black and white of the photographic memory, branchlike structures reach out apparently to disrupt the scene, even using electric

Arike Gill 04

light, probably from the represented Palais de l‘électricité. Man shows his optimistic ambitions but there is clearly something working against that.

Arike Gill 05
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Bertus Pieters