Close, at Nutshuis and Acte de Présence, The Hague

Nh 01

The Nutshuis is far from the most perfect place in town to have an exhibition. The building has an entrance hall, a canteen and some corridors and staircases. But that is compensated by its enthusiasm for showing photography which has an impact both artistically and socially.

Nh 02 Isabelle Wenzel

The present exhibition Close, about intimacy, works well within the context of the building in spite of its shortcomings.


In the entrance hall there is work on show by Isabelle Wenzel who takes herself as an object in still-lives, thus

Nh 04 Isabelle Wenzel

making statements on femininity, beauty and intimacy.


Katrien de Blauwer uses found footage and makes two part collages of them. Many a figure

Nh 07 Katrien De Blauwer

has lost its head in the process.

Nh 08 Bruno Roels
Nh 09 Bruno Roels

Bruno Roels has printed his diary pictures with a common copier which makes the pictures less clear. Used as wallpaper

Nh 10 Bruno Roels

they create a blurred world of memory and become memory walls.

Nh 11 Florian Braakman

The exhibition shows considerable differences. The difference of dealing with memory between Roels and Florian Braakman couldn’t be bigger.

Nh 12 Florian Braakman

Braakman is closest to the idea of romantic love which is there to be lost and to be remembered melancholically.

Nh 13 Marina Richter
Nh 14 Marina Richter

Marina Richter presents her pictures of intimacy in a more or less intuitive way. The way

Nh 15 Marina Richter

she has composed the pictures is a way of thinking.

Nh 16 Lina Scheynius
Nh 17 Lina Scheynius

Lina Scheynius’ pictures are both daringly intimate and otherworldly. It seems she doesn’t make a difference

Nh 18 Lina Scheynius
Nh 19 Lina Scheynius

between a person or a view of clouds and both are anonymous, but both are intimate and sensual.

Nh 20 Zhe Chen

While i was there by the end of last week, Zhe Chen’s work was still not on show because German customs are making problems. Great pity and a great shame, as far as i can see.

Nh 21 Geraldine Kang

Geraldine Kang makes pictures within the intimacy of her own family,

Nh 22 Geraldine Kang

with astonishingly monumental and theatrical results.

Nh 23 Sarah Eechaut
Nh 24 Sarah Eechaut

I must admit i don’t understand what Sarah Eechaut’s work on show is all about (I understand they are self-portraits;

Nh 25 Sarah Eechaut
Nh 26 Sarah Eechaut

the information on the sign isn’t particularly enlightening, but maybe i’m too lazy), but it is intriguing and impressive work anyway.


Most elaborately on show of all is Iztok Klančar’s work, which is presented on screen in the Nutshuis’ small cinema. His work, again,

Nh 28 Iztok Klancar
Nh 29 Iztok Klancar

combines personal intimacy and romance, but

Nh 30 Iztok Klancar
Nh 31 Iztok Klancar

from a gay point of view, introduced

Nh 32

with a real bunch of lilies, flowers of chastity, but with a heavy smell of decomposition.

Nh 33 Colin Gray
Nh 34 Colin Gray

These flowers of chastity and decomposition might as well accompany the moving series of Colin Gray about the deterioration of man in his old age and death

Nh 35 Colin Gray
Nh 36 Colin Gray

and the rituals of consolation that give it a meaning. He took pictures of his parents. His pictures have become part of the process and ritual.

Nh 37 Iztok Klancar

In the nearby shop window gallery Acte de Présence some more works by Klančar are on show, their intimate explicitness mingling with the local street noise.

Nh 38 Iztok Klancar

All together it is a good exhibition of pain, doubt and love, things the street won’t tell you.

Nh 39 Iztok Klancar
(Click on the picture to enlarge)

Bertus Pieters


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