Brique; at Quartair gallery, The Hague

Brique 01

The new cultural season for the visual arts in The Hague was opened last Friday with the exhibition Brique in Quartair.

Brique 02

I went there the next day to write an article for Villa la Repubblica as it is a very fine exhibition.

Brique 03

The artists are all from Belgium.

Brique 04

The works are very diverse, with prints, drawings, installations and sculptures. Untill here you’ve seen works by Hedwig Brouckaert (drawings on print), Hans Demeulenaere (installation Spheres) and Stéphanie Leblon (painting).

Brique 05

View of the gallery.

Brique 06

Detail of a sculpture by Anton Cotteleer who invented an alternative way to keep a squirrel.

Brique 07
Brique 08
Brique 09

Details of a gigantic woodcut by Caroline Coolen, who also made

Brique 10
Brique 11

these ceramic dogs, cooperating with

Brique 12
Brique 13

Demeulenaere who arranged the bricks.

Brique 14

Cotteleer’s three graces clearly lost their heads in the process, while

Brique 15
Brique 16

Stefan Serneels’ ink drawings, of which you see details here, add to the dreamlike ideas in this exhibition.

Brique 17
Brique 18

Demeulenaere shows some installations, but is

Brique 19
Brique 20
also responsible to more or less unifying the exhibition with brick structures. They

Brique 21
Brique 22
Brique 23

bind together the different works of the other artists. Demeulenaere calls it

Brique 24
Brique 25

Preparation for a Winter Garden. A good preparation for the coming season and its introvert nature.

Brique 26

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

See the main article and additional pictures here.

Bertus Pieters

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