Stephan Keppel: Entre entree, at LhGWR, The Hague


To write an article for Villa La Repubblica about Stephan Keppel’s exhibition Entre entree i went to Lief hertje en de Grote Witte Reus ( LhGWR; Sweet little deer and the Big White Giant) gallery.


Keppel’s work is a combination of finding, inventing, reproducing and probably sheer drunkenness in doing so.


Problem with works on paper is that you always see yourself and the surroundings mirrored in the protecting glass. But well, that’s a fact of life.


In a way it also gives an extra dimension.


Keppel made pictures in the seemingly lifeless suburbs. In his photography the buildings and landscaping only seem to exist by and for themselves.



They become abstract compositions. In this great diptych the yellowed paper becomes part of the atmosphere (the reflection is from a video in the gallery).

Stephan Keppel 08

Stephan Keppel 09

Keppel uses different kinds of paper, like in this case graph paper.

Stephan Keppel 10

Stephan Keppel 11

Stephan Keppel 12

You might even think the reflections in this glass case add to the experience.

Stephan Keppel 13
Stephan Keppel 14
Stephan Keppel 15
Stephan Keppel 16

Stephan Keppel 17

Even the glass roof adds to it with the composition with black lines in the background.

Stephan Keppel 18

Keppel’s work isn’t completely devoid of human beings but this one looks a bit defaced.

Stephan Keppel 19

Stephan Keppel 20

But the use of black and white photography, screening and different prepared kinds of paper give everything, dead or alive, its place.

Stephan Keppel 21

Stephan Keppel 22

Gold and silver even give an extra dimension in another way.

Stephan Keppel 23

Keppel has a good nose for finding these kind of things (or do they find him?).

Stephan Keppel 24

During the opening ceremony, of which some video footage is on show, Keppel’s new book Paris was presented.

Stephan Keppel 25
Stephan Keppel 26
Stephan Keppel 27
Stephan Keppel 28
Stephan Keppel 29
Stephan Keppel 30
Stephan Keppel 31
Stephan Keppel 32

Stephan Keppel 33

It’s a gorgeous book, full of grey and gold.
Be sure to go and see the show. Saturday 30 August is your last chance!

Stephan Keppel 34
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Read full article and see additional pictures here.

Bertus Pieters


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