Kees Wattjes: Kees speelt door (Kees plays on) at HKK, The Hague

Kees Wattjes 01

Haagse Kunstkring (The Hague Art Circle;

Kees Wattjes 02

HKK) is not the place where

Kees Wattjes 03

you’d expect an exceptionally surprising or

Kees Wattjes 04

exciting exhibition. But Kees Wattjes’ installation

Kees Wattjes 05

Kees speelt door (Kees plays on)

Kees Wattjes 06

can hardly not be called exciting.

Kees Wattjes 07

The installation comprises photo’s, collages and

Kees Wattjes 08

paintings, more or less shouting out

Kees Wattjes 09

that art and artist are one,

Kees Wattjes 10

which is Wattjes’ motto. Pictures of

Kees Wattjes 11

boarded-up homes, primitive painting, Wattjes himself

Kees Wattjes 12

in or in front of famous

Kees Wattjes 13

works of art are presented in

Kees Wattjes 14

a way to submerge you in

Kees Wattjes 15

a world of artistic reality in

Kees Wattjes 16

a culturally appropriate environment which makes

Kees Wattjes 17

this a very Hague-ish experience where

Kees Wattjes 18

the artistic is always trying to

Kees Wattjes 19

challenge the bourgeois longing for cultural

Kees Wattjes 20

pleasure. But it’s more than a

Kees Wattjes 21

pleasure, in spite of all that.

Kees Wattjes 22
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Bertus Pieters

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