Ondertussen (Meanwhile); presentation by Maarten Boekweit, Stroom, The Hague

Maarten Boekweit 01

Maarten Boekweit is an artist who makes temporary installations, does performances and actions. Last year he was

Maarten Boekweit 02

in Chicago amongst others. There he happened to stay in one of the unsafest quarters, not on

Maarten Boekweit 03

purpose, but because it was cheap. So, feeling unsafe, breaking through that feeling and finding a way

Maarten Boekweit 04

to connecting with other people were the themes Boekweit had to deal with. He did so by

Maarten Boekweit 05

dancing. He designed a dance and asked people in the street to dance with him, inspired by

Maarten Boekweit 06

a dance workshop he followed in Finland and by Bruce Willis in Die Hard with a Vengeance.

Maarten Boekweit 07

In the process he asked himself if he was radical enough in his actions giving Jeroen Eisinga,

Maarten Boekweit 08 Jeroen Eisinga

who covered himself with bees, as an example. But i think it’s more Boekweit’s clarity in this

Maarten Boekweit 09

presentation in Stroom which is confronting, inspiring and intriguing. That may create something radical in its own right.

Maarten Boekweit 10
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Bertus Pieters