New Territory; Kasper Sonne at West gallery, The Hague

W 01 Kasper Sonne
I visited Kasper Sonne’s exhibition New Territory shortly after its opening at Gallery West.

W 02 Kasper Sonne

But as West’s own professional photographer happened to make pictures at that moment,

W 03 Kasper Sonne
W 04

W 05 Kasper Sonne

it wasn’t a good idea to make pictures myself.

W 06 Kasper Sonne
W 07 Kasper Sonne

W 08 Kasper Sonne

So i had a short look around and

W 09
W 10 Kasper Sonne

W 11 Kasper Sonne

promised to return later.

W 12 Kasper Sonne

As it happened, circumstances made it quite some time later.

W 13 Kasper Sonne

But happily it was just as interesting as it promised to be when visiting the first time.

W 14 Kasper Sonne

The exhibition tries to show, or to make happen the new territory of the mind that evolves when opposites meet and defy each other’s logic.

W 15 Kasper Sonne

The stones you see, are lava stones, coming from the depths of Mother Earth, but they are painted with spray paint.

W 16 Kasper Sonne

The two big white canvasses in the front room of the gallery, two artificial constructs, ready to be interpreted as something cultural and artistic, were burnt; one of the basic natural ways of destruction.

W 17 Kasper Sonne

W 18 Kasper Sonne

Something comparable was made to happen with two blue paintings and acid. Strictly speaking these works are neither art nor something natural.

W 19 Kasper Sonne

But showing them in a “clean” way in this gallery forces the visitor to a new mindset, or a New Territory.

W 20 Kasper Sonne

Where two different logics are combined,

W 21

the absurd is never far away

W 22 Kasper Sonne

That was already clear in the video with the carpet cleaner, in fact a loop taken from a commercial, and the noise, which doesn’t come from the cleaner.

W 23 Kasper Sonne
W 24 Kasper Sonne
W 25 Kasper Sonne
W 26 Kasper Sonne

W 27 Kasper Sonne

But in the side room Sonne shows three video’s, two of them with texts only.

W 28 Kasper Sonne
W 29 Kasper Sonne
W 30 Kasper Sonne

It’s Hegel’s dialectics.

W 31 Kasper Sonne

But if art turns into philosophy, it is an absurd philosophy.

W 32 Kasper Sonne

While in the middle video a perfect sphere falls and breaks into splinters.

W 33 Vincent Ganivet

Hidden behind a veil is something very different:

W 34 Vincent Ganivet

a work by Vincent Ganivet.

W 35 Vincnt Ganivet

He made a sculpture for the Grandeur exhibition at the Lange Voorhout and took the opportunity to make a small work for West.

W 36 Vincnt Ganivet

No glue or mortar were used in making this charming little sculpture.

W 37 Kasper Sonne

But back to Sonne.

W 38 Kasper Sonne

The stones are in all rooms of the gallery and together they are one work (Vulcan).

W 39 Kasper Sonne

As such these stones are probably visually his strongest work. Parts of the inner Earth, usually haphazardly strewn about the earth, they are now

W 40 Kasper Sonne

carefully arranged in a clean gallery, in a way that they direct your movements in the rooms and determine the way you are looking at the things around you.

W 41 Kasper Sonne

It’s New Territory.

W 42 Vincent Ganivet
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Bertus Pieters

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