Fragments of a Personality by Lenny Waasdorp; Gemak, The Hague

Lenny Waasdorp 01

In Gemakstore photographer Lenny Waasdorp has a small exhibition.

Lenny Waasdorp 02

It’s called Fragments of a personality.

Lenny Waasdorp 03

She took her own face as a starting point and made different variations.

Lenny Waasdorp 04

The result is an astonishing number (sixty nine to be exact) of characters.

Lenny Waasdorp 05

At the same time she was clearly also looking for different visions of femininity, or what makes a portrait feminine.

Lenny Waasdorp 06

There are only few portraits where the gender is more or less ambivalent or may be even masculine.

Lenny Waasdorp 07

Lenny Waasdorp 08

She also had the faces analysed by a so-called face reader, with some funny results.

Lenny Waasdorp 09
Lenny Waasdorp 10
Lenny Waasdorp 11

The two pictures from the series Saturday Night show even more fragmentation. Both scenes seem to be disintegrating.

Lenny Waasdorp 12

They make for an interesting exhibition. And for people (like me) who follow Waasdorp on Facebook, it’s a good chance to see these pictures in a reasonable print version.

Lenny Waasdorp 13

(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Bertus Pieters


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